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In Collaboration with Garrett Johnson and Luke Kautz
Image By: Lisa Olson
Topo is a responsive, self-evolving installation in the west rotunda of Scottsdale Fashion Square. Embodied in three cloud structures, one water-like structure, and four moving-headlights, Topo articulates these lights across the reflective structures in response to people ’s movements around the installation, creating dynamic and colorful reflections throughout the space.
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Celestial Structures
In Collaboration with Muharrem Yildirim
Image By: Sean Deckert
Celestial Structures emulates the cosmos on a tangible scale through the interaction of space, light, and tetrahedral construction inspired by Alexander Graham Bell and Buckminster Fuller. With motors and code, the space evolves using randomized functions to rotate three pyramid structures comprised of reflective material. The interaction between the structures and light create a dynamic space similar to our vast universe.
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desiccation ii
In Collaboration with Ben Nunnery and Muharrem Yildirim
Image By: Sean Deckert
ASU students Matthew Briggs, Ben Nunnery, and Muharrem Yildirim collaborated on this project for the first cycle of platFORM. They were inspired by the natural geometric patterns that result from the sun's dehydration, or desiccation, of mud after a monsoon rainfall in the desert. The sculpture's laser cut transparent blue, green, and clear acrylic pieces are covered with screen printed illustrations of Sonoran Desert flora and fauna.
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